If you’re like most health-conscious young professionals, you’re always on the lookout for natural foods that will give you energy. You need to keep your energy up throughout the day, but you want to look after your health without filling your body with junk. And of course, you don’t have much time for food prep!

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there. Here are 7 of my favourites. Trust me, your body will thank you!


Quinoa is a superfood that packs energy, nutrition and flavour. Naturally gluten-free, quinoa is bursting with energy-boosting proteins, vitamins and minerals, plus plenty of dietary fibre. It’s a perfect low-calorie food for many who are trying to watch their weight or stay healthy. Plus, quinoa meals can be prepared in no time – it only takes 15 minutes or so to cook – giving you energy to power through your day without a lot of fuss. A quinoa salad bowl is an easy prepare-ahead work lunch that will help you stay productive all afternoon. Whether adding it to stews, salads and smoothies or using it as a breakfast cereal alternative, quinoa is an invaluable natural ingredient in any health-conscious diet.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often underappreciated as a food option, yet they are one of the most energy-packed and nutrient-rich natural foods available. Not only is it a great source of complex carbs, but it also provides significant amounts of dietary fibre, various vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats. Their natural sweetness makes for an incredibly tasty dish too; for instance, a roasted sweet potato with a touch of sea salt or cinnamon is such an energy boosting snack or side dish that you can enjoy guilt-free! They can be prepared in the oven or even in the microwave, whole or in chunks. They are also great for meal prep as they can be prepared in bulk and eaten cold. It’s easy to add sweet potatoes into your daily routine and reap their many benefits.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a wonderful healthy snack option: it’s energy-packed, full of natural ingredients and provides our bodies with all of the vitamins and minerals that we need to feel our best. With countless flavours to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, Greek yogurt gives us the energy boost we need throughout the day and helps us achieve wellness goals. Just a single serving contains much protein and other essential vitamins, making it a popular choice among health-conscious people everywhere. Plus, it even pairs great with almost any topping of your choice – add some fresh fruit for even more energy and flavor. So, what’re you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy some delicious Greek yogurt!


Bananas are surely the ultimate grab-and-go healthy snack. They even come in their own portable wrapper! Bananas are among the world’s healthiest fruits, and their energy boosting powers should not be underestimated. They contain naturally sweet and high levels of potassium, an electrolyte mineral that helps to transport nutrients in and out of cells. This makes them a great pre- or post-workout snack as they help build muscle strength while also providing quick bursts of energy. They are perfect for snacking on at work in between meetings too.


Spinach is an energy-packed vegetable with impressive origins. While it is certainly a natural food, seems to pack quite a punch when it comes to providing essential nutrition and energy! It contains significant amounts of iron and vitamins that are necessary for energy production in our bodies, as well as Vitamin A and C. Spinach also contains lutein, which helps to keep our eyes healthy while providing us with additional energy. So why not get your energy needs met naturally? Incorporating spinach into your diet provides a healthy energy boost!


For energy, nutrition, and flavour, there is nothing quite like salmon. Not only is this flavourful fish a natural source of energy – high levels of healthy proteins and essential fats help keep energy levels up throughout the day – but it provides a host of other benefits as well. Consider heart health: omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are known to reduce inflammation in arteries, and support cardiovascular health. Not to mention, consuming salmon, especially wild-caught salmon, can provide your body with important vitamins and minerals that could otherwise be hard to come by. All in all, enjoying some tasty salmon is one of the best things you can do when trying to maintain energy levels while still making healthy dietary choices!


Blueberries have long been touted as a superfood and for good reason! Native to North America, blueberries are low in calories yet high in energy due to its natural combination of carbohydrates, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Not only that, they’re also packed with antioxidants that help boost the immunity system. As an added benefit, you can enjoy their delicious taste by adding them to your meals! Whether it’s snacking of sprinkling them on top of ice cream or yogurt, there’s no better way to get a healthy energy boost than with these little blues gems.

These are just a few of my favourite natural, energy-boosting snacks. I’d love to hear what your favourites are – let me know in the comments! When it comes to finding foods that give you sustained energy throughout the day, there are endless possibilities. The important thing is to focus on whole, nutrient-rich foods that will fuel your body and mind in a healthy way.

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